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About Scott McGillivray’s Wife Sabrina

Posted by rafael on May 9, 2012 in Celebrities

Normally when it comes to the family of famous people it’s easy to recognize them and they’re sometimes even more famous than the famous person him or herself. Just look at the wives and girlfriends of footballers in England – famously called The WAGs, acronym for Wives And Girlfriends – that draw so much attention that sometimes we even forget that they don’t have anything going for them besides being married to a high-profile player. And the same happens with professional players in most of the professional leagues in North America, such as professional basket and hockey players.

Those wives and girlfriends are so famous and like so much the attention they get from the specialized media that they even have their own show broadcast in the some of the most popular TV channels in both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Actually this phenomenon has been spreading throughout the world as many websites and publications have pages and pages dedicated only for that type of news. Not to forget the specialized website and TV shows like TMZ that has only one objective: get into the personal lives of famous people.

But then we have those other families that are less hungry for attention and actually live a pretty quiet and normal life. This is the case with Scott’s wife Sabrina McGillivray. She is happy to be out of the craziness that is the show-business. She currently has a teacher job in a school in the Toronto area. Most of the time though, she spends taking care of her two daughters and taking care of the house in which they live in with her famous partner and the father of her daughters.

Scott McGillivray is famous for being a handyman and good real estate manager that helps around the house, and actually knows how to help. But with his own reality show on TV – that deals with repairing and improving somebody’s house in order to create that extra income – he spends most of his time away from home. In his case the famous saying about not bringing work to home may not apply directly, but surely apply in some sense as Sabrina seems to take care of most part of house holding affairs.

As an entrepreneur and TV host, Scott McGillivray has many things on his plate. His travel schedule should be very busy, and to run a business is also very demanding. Normally in this situation there’s not very much for the wife to do besides take care of the family or hire someone who does. Normally most of the wives of TV hosts and other famous persona have difficulties in handling day-to-day activities, as they are very bad accustomed to the luxury of having different personnel to take care of the family. In this situation is not rare to see the whole family of the famous person getting into a lavish lifestyle that is based on expensive dining and traveling while the house work is done by hired people.

But this is not the case with the McGillivrays. As a family, the McGillivray is very reserved and mostly shy away from the lights and microphones, so we don’t know much about Sabrina and her daily routines. We do know however that they are very keen on hospitality and they like to entertain guests on a regular basis. Also both Scott and Sabrina like to make their own interior design work so their home is basically their own vision and work. Not surprisingly she has already come into the real estate business as her husband has lots of projects and is deeply involved in this area.

Apparently Sabrina has a diverse lifestyle where both her artistic side and entrepreneurial side are affluent, but this does not diminish her role a mother and partner. She can actually manage to be a very participant mother and as a teacher she surely knows how to take care of her offspring’s education and how this is important in their future lives. Sabrina has been able to manage quite well the diversification that life in the current days asks for.

Her ability to support her husband career has also been praise in the media outlet in and out of Canada.  As her husband dwells around the country in order to find places and houses that needs an improvement in order to earn some money to its occupants she stays at home and apparently does not seem to care much about the attention her husband gets by being a television star.

This is not easy to do as many can certainly suspect just by watching other famous people marriages. Despite all the gossip and distraction that her family gets from the entertainment media and the paparazzi, she remains closely focuses in providing a good home with appropriate environment and conditions for her daughter to grow like any other normal girls would. Of course, the fact that the father of the girls has a huge fan base around North America and the fact that their lives are sometimes scrutinize in programs and websites may cause some uncomfortable moments, but they seem to have a good thing going on in their house.

Many people would die or kill for any fifteen minutes of fame. This is certainly not the case in this happily married couple. They seem to have a good balance between the high-luxury life of a TV star with the quiet, bucolic lifestyle of small town or suburban family. And for most of this good balance we can actually put into Sabrina’s account as she is dutifully the wife and mother of the McGillivray clan. She shows how the life of a reality show TV host can be very different off the camera than it is on the camera.

As Scott’s partner, Sabrina has been outstanding and have proved to be the real deal when it comes to parenting and creating a family. This is very difficult if you are only a normal person trying to go on with your life, now try to imagine doing this while your husband travels the country doing his job on TV. Not easy stuff, but Sabrina pulled it of brightly.

Very little information on Sabrina the wife of  Scott McGillivray is known to the public. She has opted to work behind scenes in supporting and running her family. Besides Sabrina being an elementary-school teacher at Woodbridge Ontario, she has an interest in interior design and decoration.  When they bought their matrimonial house as newlyweds, Scott and Sabrina bought a house that they both concentrated in decorating.

About Scott McGillivray s Wife Sabrina

About Scott McGillivray s Wife Sabrina

Their house in River stone Golf Brampton is said to have several abstract pictures, which would imply that Sabrina loves art and abstract art in specific. Shortly after their wedding, Sabrina bought a house, just like her husband she is slowly gaining interest in property management.  Sabrina has exceptional hospitality. She has had numerous guests streaming to her home. She vaunts that since there is enough space for everyone and feels quite honored to host guests. They have had several garden parties, and Scott insists that every house should have enough space for recreational purposes.

Despite all these things that Sabrina does on the side, she has never overlooked her role as a wife and mother, and more often than not she just prefers being at home with the husband and children. From the numbers of Scott McGillivray books, Scott has writtenhe is very busy man and has to spend a lot of time preparing for his programs and writing more books. She has remained and calm and understanding giving her husband all the support she can to continue and grow their business empire.


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