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About Scott McGillivray s Wife Sabrina

Posted by rafael on May 9, 2012 in Celebrities

Very little information on Sabrina the wife of  Scott McGillivray is known to the public. She has opted to work behind scenes in supporting and running her family. Besides Sabrina being an elementary-school teacher at Woodbridge Ontario, she has an interest in interior design and decoration.  When they bought their matrimonial house as newlyweds, Scott and Sabrina bought a house that they both concentrated in decorating.

About Scott McGillivray s Wife Sabrina

About Scott McGillivray s Wife Sabrina

Their house in River stone Golf Brampton is said to have several abstract pictures, which would imply that Sabrina loves art and abstract art in specific. Shortly after their wedding, Sabrina bought a house, just like her husband she is slowly gaining interest in property management.  Sabrina has exceptional hospitality. She has had numerous guests streaming to her home. She vaunts that since there is enough space for everyone and feels quite honored to host guests. They have had several garden parties, and Scott insists that every house should have enough space for recreational purposes.

Despite all these things that Sabrina does on the side, she has never overlooked her role as a wife and mother, and more often than not she just prefers being at home with the husband and children. From the numbers of Scott McGillivray books, Scott has writtenhe is very busy man and has to spend a lot of time preparing for his programs and writing more books. She has remained and calm and understanding giving her husband all the support she can to continue and grow their business empire.


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    My husband and I, NYC FDNY and RN, could desperately use his services! Would love for a chance to talk with him!!

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    Dear Scott: Please call so we can discuss privately our dire need situation. Thank you & God Bless! 718 442 7702.

    Mr./Mrs. Conoway

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