How to Add Stocks to the Notification Center on Your iPhone

January 14, 2013

The grey bar that can be pulled down from the top of an iPhone’s screen is called the Notification Center. In addition to displaying “Push” notifications and e-mail message contents, the Notification Center can also be used to display information like the local weather. It can also be used to track the constantly updating stocks […]

How to Change When Apps Appear in the Notification Center on Your iPhone

January 14, 2013

The notification center on your iPhone is designed to make getting the latest news and alerts as easy as possible. If you set yourself a reminder using the built-in “Reminders” application, for example, an indicator of that reminder can appear in the notification center. Additionally, weather [...]

The Nokia Lumia 620 – Reviewed and Rated

January 2, 2013

Nokia fans will be looking forward to the launch of the latest addition to the Lumia family and it seems that the new Nokia Lumia 620 is available for pre-order.  The handset will run on a Windows operating system and like previous models is fairly slim.  The details of the new handset have been [...]

Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 Using Redsn0w

December 10, 2012

More and more people choose to buy a Smartphone nowadays, not only because it looks nice and it is trendy, but also because it is very useful in our daily life. Most people prefer to have an iPhone, not other Smartphones, because it is the best and it has the greatest applications. The truth is [...]

New Developments In The Technology Sector

New Developments In The Technology Sector

December 5, 2012

There are a lot of changes that accompany the developments in the technology fields. The variety of changes in technology is an occurrence in all the sectors of the economy. This includes sectors such as the mobile telephony industry is one of such industries that have seen the great changes in [...]

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The Importance of Communication and Technology

December 4, 2012

Communication and technology has played an important role in the world today. With the development of technology there has been a vast improvement in Communication and technology. Many companies use Communication and technology as a way to get their things done. It has been an important factor [...]

Article on Cell Phone Technology

Article on Cell Phone Technology

December 3, 2012

Technology is a wonderful gift, probably the best on to the mankind. It has served the world in return of nothing. And it is not finished yet. In fact, it never seemed to have finished, giving out new inventions almost every day. One of the most amazing inventions that have affected the world [...]

A Clear Communication Technology Definition For Easy Understanding

A Clear Communication Technology Definition For Easy Understanding

November 22, 2012

Any kind of message that is passed through reliable digital medium is considered to be the simplest form of communication technology definition. Legally, it is described as the system which helps to communicate through satellite, television, radio or cable. It could be anything digital and in [...]

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