Your Right to Make Medical Negligence Claims

February 21, 2013

In the (admittedly rather unlikely) event that you are caused some amount of suffering due to a fault in the medical care given to you at the hands of a medical professional, or due to the particular negligence of said professional, there will be the possibility there for you to make a claim, with the […]

Ear Infections

Types, Symptoms And Causes Of Ear Infections

February 14, 2013

During the winter months, ear infections are increasingly common – particularly amongst children. In addition to pain, discomfort or earache, an ear infection also brings with it a number of other symptoms such as hearing loss, discharge, dizziness and, in some cases, momentary periods of blurred [...]

Maca Root

Health Benefits Of Maca Root

February 13, 2013

Maca root has been used by the Peruvians for ages, not only in their diet but also for medicinal purposes as well. Now maca root is being used as a sexual enhancer here in the US. Some of its health benefits that may interest you are as follows: Naturally augmented stamina Increased energy Increased [...]

Curing Phobias

Curing Phobias: Hypnotherapy Versus Facing Your Fear

February 12, 2013

The common advice given to anyone when they are suffering from a phobia of some sort is to face their fear but is this also the best and most effective option? Phobias can really affect your life in a negative way and stop you doing some of the things you want to do. For example […]


The Reformed Terrorist – Vasectomy Reversal Connection

February 4, 2013

This story comes to you from deep inside the jungles of Central India where the Indian homegrown terrorist movement, also referred to as Maoist Movement, is active and thriving. The Maoist way of life is cruel and desperate. Recruits have to live deep in the jungles and they have undergo a vasectomy [...]

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What You Should Know About Orthodontic Treatment

January 23, 2013

All of us want to look good and we are doing everything we can to improve our physical appearance. Maybe you already look perfect in front of the mirror, but only one thing is lacking, you cannot wear a perfect smile because of your crooked teeth. Luckily, this can be straightened out through [...]

Contact Lens: Adding Charisma to Comfort

January 15, 2013

If you are among the people, who wish to get rid of spectacles and correct your eyesight, then all you need is a nice pair of contact lenses. Well! You may also use a pair of cosmetic lenses to make your eyes prettier. If you want to know more about lenses, its types and textures… […]

Cracked Heels-2

Cracked Heels: The Causes and Treatment

January 3, 2013

One of the most common conditions that a person can have is cracked heels.  It is important to learn all about this because it will help you find out the best treatment for this situation.  This article will try to give you all the details that you need to learn about the condition and how [...]

Sports History

5 Great Brawls in Sports History

January 2, 2013

Most sports fans cannot resist a good fight. Those moments when the emotion of the game boils over and leads to fight-to-cuffs are not just reserved for sports where fighting is permitted. Brawls can break out in any sport at any level. Some brawls were so epic in nature that they have cemented [...]

Horse Betting-1

Horse Betting Tips for Newbies

January 2, 2013

Not many things in life are as thrilling as watching the world’s finest thoroughbreds racing down the final stretch. If you’ve ever been to the racetrack, you know exactly what I mean. As the nation’s oldest and longest withstanding legalized form of gambling, horseracing has captured the [...]

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