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I Just Need Some Office Space at the Moment

Posted by rafael on December 6, 2012 in Small Business

Business…check. Workforce…check. Water cooler…check. Suitable office space…no? Well you’ll need one of those then. Whether you are an up and coming business wanting to expand your working environment, an existing business wanting to re-locate to a more convenient premises or an established business wanting to consolidate your offices into a smaller or larger space, choosing the right office space is important to the well-being of your finances as well as your workforce.

Send Them to the Tower

The renting and purchasing of office space in Tower Hill has seen a continual rise in popularity over the course of the last twenty five years.  By opting to rent or purchase your office space in Tower Hill you will be able to secure premises that are located within easy reach of the City without having to pay the excessive fees reserved for commercial property in the City.

Tower Hill was one of the first areas of London to pick up the overspill of firms located within the City. The area is largely favoured by solicitors, media companies and recruitment agencies, but the types of businesses  operating out of office space in Tower Hill is diverse and not easily bracketed into certain types of business. To this end, Tower Hill is a hive of activity for a wide range of business and offers great potential for business networking without the claustrophobic atmosphere of the City.

By locating your office space in Tower Hill you will be opting for a cost effective solution to your office space requirements, plus, in addition to a cheaper cost on rent or purchase that you would find in the City you will also be economising on your business rates.

Tower Hill is the ideal office space solution for your business, regardless of its size and nature. If you are a large corporation and require project space then a variety of large buildings can satisfy your requirements. If you want to invest in a physical market presence then you may wish to consider renting or purchasing office space located on any number of the bustling streets than stem from Tower Hill tube station. Or, if you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a small to medium sized enterprise then you may wish to consider renting individual desk space or a floor of office space in Tower Hill.

Tube for Thought

Tower Hill is an elevated area located North West of the Tower of London and nestles comfortably just outside the border of the City of London. Tower Hill is serviced by Tower Hill tube station, which is on the Circle Line and the District Line, and is classified as Zone 1. As such, offices in Tower Hill are easily commutable for a variety of employees, regardless of the area from which they will be commuting in from.

Office Space

Office Space

A Culture of Business

Such is the nature of the business culture in Tower Hill that organisations that are similarly located in Tower Hill opt to conduct business with each other as a result of the sheer convenience of having a wealth of talent pooled within the same building or office space. Tower Hill has a great sense of community that is focussed on business and enables a variety of organisations and freelancers to work alongside each other and gain mutual investment from one another.

Finding a Space That’s Right for You

If you are considering renting or purchasing a business premises in Tower Hill then there are a range of agents that deal in commercial property in this specific area. By opting to consult with a local commercial agent you will benefit from their knowledge of this specific market. A commercial agent will be able to cater their portfolio of properties to your exact needs and will take into consideration aspects such as:

  • How much floor space you require.
  • Whether you are looking to rent of purchase.
  • How long may require a rented property for.
  • How much your monthly budget is for commercial rent.
  • The cost of getting your office up to your specifications.

Serviced office space in Tower Hill is of a highly contemporary standard and comes fully furnished and ready for immediate occupation. However, should your organisation require any additional fixtures installing then a commercial agent will be able to advise you on this process too.

If you require office space Tower Hill affords you the convenience of a city business culture without the excessive pricing culture. Come and see the lay of the land from the top of Tower Hill today.

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