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Find A Leader

Posted by rafael on February 8, 2013 in Business Services

Chief executive officers, or CEOs, are at the highest level of administration at a company or organization. Their ranking is at the top of the executive chart and their authority is extends beyond the board of directors who usually set up the CEO’s responsibilities. Largely responsible for the success of the company, they act as managing director of all business operations.

Executive Recruiting

Executive employment agencies often work exclusively on helping companies find new leaders when they are in need for a new CEO. Your company may have left with this vacancy and there are many steps to be taken to find a suitable replacement. It’s important to have a clear idea of what the roles and responsibilities will be for your new CEO before you put in the time, money, and resources to hire the new man, or woman, in charge.

CEO Responsibilities

The CEO is expected to the primary ambassador for your company’s brand, business needs, and overall success. This person needs to have the right experience, knowledge, passion, mission, and goals to fit in at your company and with your employees. Once the job description and expectations are agreed upon by the board of directors, it’s time to get your job search underway. Be sure to follow company policy in terms of advertising both internally and externally.

Find A Leader

Find A Leader

Let the initial screening process be conducted by leaders at your company who understand the required skills. Ideally, those that were consulted on, or drafted, the job description should weed the undesirable candidates out at the onset of the search. Those candidates that make it through a few rounds of review on paper might be asked to come in for interviews. Before in-person meetings are set up, be sure to execute background and reference checks to confirm the information presented. Preliminary interviews should be followed up with formal interviews with key players in the organization.

Check with Everyone

It’s a good idea for the CEO candidate to meet with many different people in different roles to assess their flexibility and adaptability, as well as proficiency in the interdependent channels that make your company run successfully. An executive employment agency will know who to point them too. Not only are the technical aspects of your business vital for your new CEO to understand, but also the culture of the company and those that work there.

From the dress code to the number of social activities shared by employees in and out of work, the culture of a company differs greatly from one to the next and is important to understand early on. And no matter who you choose, be thorough in your search and allow enough time to find someone who fits in nicely with your company’s mission, goals, and long-term view.

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