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Rhodiola for Weight Loss

Posted by rafael on December 17, 2012 in Weight Loss

Found at high-altitudes in mountainous regions of Asia and northern Europe, Rhodiola has been utilized by people local to those areas for hundreds of years in order to treat everything from low energy levels to mood swings, but its benefits in the realm of weight loss are only now becoming apparent to researchers. Boasting several active ingredients, each aiding your body in a variety of ways, Rhodiola is now widely used for its ability to help the human body to drop excess weight and get fit. Interested in potentially adding Rhodiola to your weight loss routine? Check out these facts before you do:

Rhodiola Provides an Energy Boost

While modern scientists have yet to acknowledge it, Rhodiola has been used for centuries as a means of boosting energy, both mental and physical, in an effort to promote better learning and increased physical activity. No matter why you take it, the herb will help you to move more; whether this translates into a full exercise routine or it simply means that you’re moving around the house instead of sitting down, the effects can only aid you in your work to burn excess fat and keep your weight low.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Rhodiola Can Help to Lower Cholesterol and Regulate Blood Pressure

Another technically unproven but widely accepted benefit of Rhodiola is its ability to regulate blood pressure by apparently encouraging the metabolization of cholesterol particles in the bloodstream. This means that more cholesterol is being passed from your system instead of being absorbed into tissue cells, leaving your arteries free and clear of dangerous plaque build-up.

Studies are currently being conducted to narrow down Rhodiola’s exact effect on cholesterol in the human body, potentially allowing it to be marketed as an aid in that cause in the near future.

Additional Benefits

Belonging to a class of plant known as adaptogens, Rhodiola is able to help the body to adapt to a number of unhealthy circumstances, enabling your systems to better work towards resolving internal problems and reducing tissue stress through its active rosavin, rosarin, rosin and salidroside components. This is suspected to be effective against even cancerous cells, though further study is needed to hone that point and determine its validity.

Regardless of its technically unproven effects, thousands of years of experience suggest that Rhodiola is a worthy addition to any healthy diet! But remember, herbs are not just pretty plants. Some of them even are dangerous poisons. Take only those remedies which you know for sure.

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Author Byline: This post was written by Anna Fox, who writes about fitness and losing weight with herbs, and is passionate about healthy food, active lifestyle, and self-improvement.

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