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The Meaning of Paw Print Tattoos

Posted by rafael on July 9, 2012 in Beauty

Tattoos are a quite attractive and interesting subject since the point of view of visual arts, particularly for a new generation that is involved in new artistic trends using the body for expressing themselves. The tattoo is a modification of the skin’s color by pricking the epidermis with electric needles.

The increase in tattoos’ popularity during the last years is surprising if we consider that the world is immersed in a profound economic crisis, that has caused many people to lose their jobs, social status and material goods, but anyway people continue spending money in tattoos.

Furthermore, the nowadays’ tattoos explosion is still more fascinating if we take into account that not so many years ago tattoos were regarded as worthy of great disapproval, as a typical practice of marginal classes. However, over time music, sport or art personalities began promoting it, opening the doors to the astonishing revival of this art expression.

The reasons behind tattooing are pretty complex. According to several studies is an antique body art, regarded as very natural among humans since the beginnings of civilization. For many people it is just a way of manipulating body appearance, for others it is the particular, specific and unique way to express feelings, ideas, and moods, by leaving an indelible mark on their bodies that can be admired by peers.

Hence, serious thought on tattooing should consider some concepts and terms like aesthetics, culture, beauty, psyche, feelings, rituals, publicity, globalization and multiculturalism, among others factors, that are impacting people and inclining them to this art expression.

Thus, understanding tattoos means to understand such different cultures as West and East. Tattoos symbols have different functions in every specific context, and can include magic, aesthetics, religion or even existential aspects.  All of them are graphically expressed through texts, images, symbols, signs, or a combination of them. Thus, tattoos can greatly vary, comprising weapons, crossed swords, plants, animals, revolutionary slogans, saints, among others. There is also a recent and popular trend linked to paw print tattoos.

Meaning of Paw Print Tattoos

Paw print tattoos can be defined as the tattoo of a real animal’s footprint. They have become popular during the last years and for many people are among the most suggestive and tender tattoo types. As reported by several sources, they are not just a drawing; their meaning is related to the trace that has left an animal in our life, a trace denoting that something important happened and will stay in our life forever.

Since this point of view they are closely linked to emotions, and that is why some people get tattoos linked to their loved pets or preferred animals. Thus, for example, it may be the footprint of a pet that lived for many years with a person, and now is gone. It can be considered as a way to have it present in person’s life again.

At the same time, it can be also the footprint of a pet that is still alive, but a person loves it so much that would like to have its footprint with him all the time. This way, footprints tattoos are more sophisticated than the usual drawing tattoos, since they are real footprints and people perfectly know the animal they belong to.

Paw print tattoos usually appear in two different variants; the first one is represented by a single track, while the second by several ones, both of them marking a path. Actually, there is no big difference between these two variants. However, what can be considered really significant is the type of the animal’s footprint. For instance, it can be the enormous claw of a bear or the little and innocent foot print of a puppy, and depending on the size of the footprint they can be in the back, the feet or the writs.

Particularly bear’s paw tattoos are a very interesting and popular choice. The idea behind them is not only the representation of the animal paw, but the great symbolism it has. It is important to keep in mind that bears are found and distributed over a large area in the world. Thus, depending on the geographical area, culture and traditions, people chose it for one reason or another.

As it happens with other animals, bears are linked to different stories, which usually have some female and male elements associated. Since this perspective, for example, the female side can be linked to the fact that bears are recognized for their devotion and maternal instinct. Thus, in many cultures the bear’s paw tattoo is associated with being a good and protective mother. On the other hand, masculine elements are related to consider them as very strong warriors, and it is not surprising that many men show bear’s paw tattoos.

How to Tattoo a Paw

There are many people who wish to tattoo a paw, but they do not know how to do it. Below we provide some indications about it.

The first thing is to obtain the footprint of the animal. It is important to define if you will use the real size, a smaller or a bigger one. Once you define it, you should put the animal in a place where it is possible to obtain its footprints. You can use mud or modeling clay, since you need to obtain a trace as real as possible. Another technique is to smear the animal paws with water paint and make him to walk on a paper. Furthermore, you can also photograph them. Afterwards, you take the footprints to the tattooist in order he can design the tattoo.

The design will not be necessarily limited or circumscribed to the paw. Actually it can be creative, provided that it will respect the shape and size. Therefore, tattooist can add Japanese or gothic letters, flowers, different colors, short phrases or creeper plants.

If you are interested in paw print tattoos, you can check the links below:

Before getting the paw print tattoos, it is compulsory to work a deep search on the web or locally in your town.  It is just love for the pets that insist a person to print a paw of his pet on his body.  They often ink this tattoos after the death of their pet.  Some people believe the paw printed on their body could get them the strength they want. In some native cultures, the paw print tattoos display the strength of the family.  They believe that it gives them strength to be a good person and fight against the evil and inspires me to achieve new goals in life.

The Meaning of Paw Print Tattoos

The Meaning of Paw Print Tattoos

To locate these tattoos is important. If a person is getting the tattoo on his hand, while work it is like a remainder for him to do only good things. Many people do not even believe on the strength giving quality of the tattoos, but they still love to have them. It is only the affection towards the tattoos, which is insisting them to ink that on their body. People often get these kinds of tattoos on different part of their body as a cenotaph.

It is important to know the meaning of the paw print tattoos. It could be a person’s animal affection or a spirit guide. In modern days, a typical bear-paw tattoo is simply elastration of the gay culture. In gay society, a bear shows the hairy man. There are thousands of designs accessible on the Internet.  No matter what you believe, these will surely give satisfactory results.  There are some quality tattoos directories, on paying a small free you can get many benefits they are offering. Only choose the quality tattoo design, it can be apologetic in case of error.

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