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The Characteristics Of Red Coral Jewelry

Posted by rafael on November 17, 2011 in Beauty

The Characteristics

In nature, coral has many different colors, from red, pink, to orange and blue. However, when we talk about coral jewelry, we often talk about red coral jewelry. Red is the most popular color often found in coral jewelry.

Coral grows under the sea and is actually the dead skeletons of some sea creatures that look like old tree branches. Coral is mostly formed in areas with warm waters like the Mediterranean Sea or the Pacific Ocean near to the North Eastern part of Asia.

The beautiful color of red coral has made it become one of the favorite materials to make jewelry all over the world. Good coral pieces must have a smooth texture of color, indicating that the red coral jewelry is formed in a natural way without any artificial combination of humans. The smooth surface of well-polished red coral jewelry gives the jewelry piece a very shining and bright look.

The Characteristics Of Red Coral Jewelry

The Characteristics Of Red Coral Jewelry

Red coral could be made into all different kinds of jewelry. We could find the material on beautiful pieces of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pins, pendants, etc. Red coral could be combined with other materials such as pearl, colored stones or metal to give it a more complicated look. Red coral could be cut into different sizes and shapes to match the different designing purposes.

Red coral jewelry gives the owner a very versatile look. The bright shining red color of the material makes it a popular selection for exotic dressing. At the same time, chunky pieces of red coral jewelry when combined with simple formal dressing could reveal an elegant and classy look.

Coral is not gemstones but are only the skeleton bones of some sea creatures. They require delicate handling for long-time usage. When you need to clean your red coral jewelry piece, you should clean it gently with a soft damp cloth.

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