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Special Kind of Transfer Tattoos

Posted by rafael on July 28, 2012 in Beauty

 Nowadays, special kind of transfer tattoos are found in the market that can be removed as and when required with the help of a special kind of liquid. These transfer tattoos are also known as temporary tattoos which can be used for temporary period of time. In many ways these transfer tattoos are better than permanent tattoos, like an individual can always change their tattoos as per requirement and choice.

Special Kind of Transfer Tattoos

Special Kind of Transfer Tattoos

It is not a painful process at all and one doesn’t require spending thousands of dollars to remove the ink from the body. These transfer tattoos are a special kind of tattoo that is drawn or painted on the body with the help of a brush.  Many times these transfer tattoos are airbrushed by keeping a stencil behind the plastic transparent paper after which the image is imprinted on the skin. Once the outer line of the image is imprinted on the outer surface of the skin it is filled with colors. It is a very easy process and the output of the tattoo is like a permanent tattoo. Moreover, transfer tattoos are of much better quality than the glue sticker tattoos available which tends to fade out very easily.

These tattoos has longer resistance power, stays on the skin for at least 3 to 5 days until it is rubbed off and  are skin friendly unlike other tattoo stickers which causes skin rashes and eruptions. It is very common among people nowadays as it less expensive than permanent tattoo and looks realistic at the same time. A very common example of transfer tattoos is Henna which is called as Mehendi. These transfer tattoos can be removed by applying oil or alcohol based products on them, contrarily to make it last longer baby powder can be sprinkled over the tattoo.

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