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Mormon Wedding Dresses an Epitome of Tradition

Posted by rafael on May 7, 2012 in Beauty

Mormon wedding dresses are sheer replica of their culture and tradition. Like any other culture in this world, Mormon culture also prefers some strict rules in their wedding dresses and conventional styles. And it is a fact that there are certain dresses that are not permitted in the Mormon culture and temples.

As the Mormon wedding follows some strict rules, most brides used to dress in two kinds of wedding dresses on their day. The first one is used in the temple premises for the particular day, which follows the strict Mormon rules. You can see that the wedding dress the bride wears outside the temple also belongs to a modest design and style. A Mormon wedding dress mostly has a classic look suitable for the modest appearance of a bride. The color of the Mormon wedding dress is pure white, with particularly long sleeves. It also includes a high neckline. Modesty is the word that matches Mormon wedding dress. Low cut wedding gowns are quite inappropriate for the Mormon wedding.

Mormon Wedding Dresses an Epitome of Tradition

Mormon Wedding Dresses an Epitome of Tradition

The second gown of the Mormon wedding dresses is not so different from the dress used in temple. But in this wedding dress the Mormon bride is a bit free to choose the dress that mirrors her individual style and tastes. In some Mormon weddings, jacket will be provided for the bride to wear, in a way to make them suitable for the ceremony in temple.

In case of Mormon wedding dresses, it is not so easy to shop the perfect one. Mostly the Mormon brides make their dresses by a perfect dress maker instead of buying. Online shopping is now available for wedding dresses of Mormon. Everyone can purchase their wedding dresses according to their taste and body shape following the Mormon rules. Mormon wedding dresses are not that expensive to trouble the wedding budget. Affordability of the ceremony and dress is the main feature of these Mormon wedding dresses.

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