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Koi Tattoos And Ideas

Posted by rafael on April 29, 2012 in Beauty

Koi are just colorful fish in pond for a typical American but they are respected in Japan. There are even festivals devoted to these fishes in Japan. There are many varieties of Koi, each with distinctive color combination of bright red, silvery white, striking orange and deep black. It is this uniqueness and beauty that promotes many people to apply Koi tattoos on their body. A koi tattoo symbollises love, peace and courage. It also reveals one’s interest and respect to Japanese culture.

A group of koi fishes in a pond is a sign of inner peace and harmony. Wearing those tattoos shows one’s inner values. Tattooing a koi incorporated with flowers and animals would make the design more attractive.  A type of koi fishes is Nishikigoi which is a colored species and have attractive patterns on its body. This allows you to tattoo koi with endless colors and styles.

Koi Tattoos And Ideas

Koi Tattoos And Ideas

According to Japanese miths, Koi can swim up waterfalls which show their strength and ability to withstand natural forces. Some koi varieties can go upstream which is evident for their struggling nature and they turn in to dragons. Thus, you can choose fish’s body color as orange, white, yellow or gold. Along with Japanese script, one can also use symbolic and antique tattoo with Koi. Even though picture tattoos are more in style, words can express one’s personality and taste .To make a Koi tattoo more meaningful you can use phrases or words from Japanese script.

Many tattoo experts can create an attractive Koi tattoo incorporated with other designs.  If you like to have your own design, then you have to study its picture by referring books or websites since it is a big fish. Based on the location on your body, one can have the design more or less elaborate. Make sure that the ink colors are of good quality and produce a better tattoo.

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