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Taking Care of Your Hair – A Simple Guide

Posted by rafael on December 20, 2012 in Hair Care

We all like our hair to look good, if we know that it looks good we feel good. Our hair not only compliments our personal appearance it is a general indicator of our overall health. If our hair is looking limp, dull and lifeless chances we are feeling pretty much the same way. In order to keep our hair looking and feeling good we don’t need to spend a lot of money or time or in fact a great deal of effort, it just takes regularity and routine.

Brushing and Combing

Make sure that you keep all of your combs and brushes clean. You wash your hair regularly so make sure you wash your brushes regularly too. Think of the different products that you use on your hair every day, all of these are transferred onto your combs and brushes and the residue it forms can soon build up. Not only does this look unappealing but you really don’t want to be combing old and sticky product back into your nice clean hair.

Make a point of giving them a weekly clean – nothing too drastic, a good wash out with shampoo will do. Try and avoid using combs that have sharp teeth as these could end up damaging both your hair and your scalp, make sure that the combs and brushes you use have rounded, wide spaced teeth or bristles. Wet hair is fragile so try and avoid combing or brushing your hair excessively when it is wet.

Care of Your Hair

Care of Your Hair

Shampoo and Conditioner

Make sure that your hair has been thoroughly rinsed under the shower before you apply the shampoo as this will remove any dust or other particles from your hair. Shampoo should be gently massaged into the roots and scalp and then worked outwards towards the end of your hair. Leave the shampoo in place for a minute or so before you rinse it thoroughly away. If shampoo residue remains on the hair it can leave it looking dull and can dry out both your hair and your scalp making it itchy and uncomfortable.

Always use a conditioner after you shampoo as it will help to restore moisture to your hair, give it some protection against the elements and of course make it softer and shinier. Conditioner also makes your hair easier to detangle and helps to reduce the build up of static. Conditioner does not need to be applied to the roots of the hair and the scalp, as this is where all of the natural oils are contained and adding conditioner into the mix could see you left with oily or greasy looking hair, instead apply the conditioner to the hair shaft and work it out towards the ends.

Try and select products that match your type of hair, the more natural and chemical free they are the better. Also make sure that you don’t have the water in the shower too hot, as just as overly hot water can dry out the skin it can also dry out the hair and scalp.

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