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Go for Quality and Original Celebrity Hair

Posted by rafael on November 12, 2012 in Beauty

Wigs are false synthetic or natural hair primarily used for aesthetic purposes in both men and women. They can be undetectable to a naked eye and can become essential for people’s emotional balance and self-esteem. According to several publications the Egyptians were probably first wigs’ artists all over the world. Nevertheless, wigs were also used for theater plays in the Far East. Furthermore, geishas (a Japanese hostess trained to entertain men with conversation, dance, and song) used wigs as well.

Moreover, Romans and Greeks also made up their own wigs, and the royalty used to wear them. However, as several sources report, wigs were banned by Church (about 629 D.C.) and people who dared to use them were persecuted and severely punished; thus, they fell into disuse. It was not until the 16th century that wigs became a solution to baldness and little by little recovered their popularity. According to some historians, Elizabeth I, Queen of England (1558 – 1603), had a large collection of red color wigs. Additionally, wigs for men became a fashion in the 17th century. Curiously, in the 18th century wigs were powdered in order to give them a white color.

Nowadays wigs are used for changing people’s look quickly and easily, as an aesthetic supplement, but also in order to address health problems, particularly for disguising partial or complete absence of hair, due to baldness (alopecia) or as a result of cancer therapies.

Natural and Synthetic Wigs

There are so many types of wigs as hair types. Wigs can be of natural or synthetic hair. Precisely, one of the most important things when choosing a wig is to know whether you wish synthetic or natural hair. Although in the past wigs manufactured by synthetic fibers did not look too realistic, this situation has changed over time. Current synthetic hair wigs are pretty similar to the natural hair ones, and sometimes it is not easy to note the difference.

According to specialists, a certain way to determine whether a wig is made up from synthetic or natural hair is to take a tuft of the wig’s hair and burn it. Usually synthetic hair burns faster than natural. Furthermore, synthetic hair tends to twist and melt in contact with fire, while natural hair does not. Moreover, natural hair shows a particular smell when being burned, while synthetic hair does not. Finally, there are some synthetic hairs (depending on their fibers’ composition) that will not be affected by fire at all.

Natural wigs have some advantages. For instance, they last longer than synthetic ones, seem more natural, and can be cared by using the same combing methods than for original hair. Moreover, they even tolerate some capillar products and can be dyed. However, they also have some disadvantages, like reacting to climate just as your natural hair (for example, they ondulate with humidity) and breaking if they are heavily brushed or incorrectly combed. Additionally, they should be styled after every wash, they are more expensive than synthetic hair (US$ 150 – 1000 depending on hair ethnicity, percentage of natural hair, among others), and finally, they are heavier than synthetic wigs for the same length and hairstyle.

In turn, synthetic wigs also have some advantages. First, technological advances have allowed wigs manufacturers to use acrylic synthetic fibers (such as kanekalon) sharing a similar texture and appearance of natural hair (sometimes they are so realistic that hair stylists confuse them). Furthermore, synthetic wigs are cheaper than natural ones (US$50 – 400) and they are easier to keep at home, since neither extreme humidity nor cold water washes affect hairstyle.

Moreover, they are available in infinite variety of colors, while those imitating natural colors are more expensive than colorful ones. Synthetic wigs allow following fashion hair styles easily, considering they just require some minimal cuts. Additionally, they are lighter than natural ones and, hence, more comfortable. Nevertheless, synthetic wigs also have some disadvantages, such as looking too bright (sometimes even unnatural), traditional dying does not work with synthetic wigs and it is strongly recommended not to dye them more than once. Finally, extreme heat and hair dryers should be avoided.

Go for Quality and Original Celebrity Hair

Nowadays, natural and synthetic wigs imitating hair cuts of celebrities are quite popular worldwide. Since famous people always manage to show spectacular, original and creative hair cuts, numerous people like to copy them by using wigs. Actually, wigs manufacturers are increasingly producing wigs models imitating a wide range of celebrities hair cuts, particularly women’s. If you are looking for a quality and original celebrity hair in order to improve your look, we are proposing you some interesting options.

First choices are wigs imitating hair cut of the American song writer, singer and actress Taylor Swift. This wig goes perfect with girls wishing to show a wavy hair. It can be used with the hair loose or not, but it requires a fine combing. Furthermore, it shows a not straight fringe that can be tilted and will look perfect.

A second quite interesting choice is a wig following hair cut of Miranda Kerr, the famous Australian fashion model. It is a medium layered hair cut’s wig ideal for those women loving wavy and voluminous hair. This wig can be combed sideways to highlight hair volume even more.

If your hair is a little broken and you would like to show a medium or long hair cut, a wig imitating the hair cut of the English song writer and singer Charlie XCX’s is an excellent option. This is a wig showing a not voluminous long hair and some hair tufts in the bottom end. It requires a nice combing to get a final touch and will accommodate better when is not recently washed.

As you can see, there are different reasons for chosing a natural or synthetic wig. Now, the key is to know the appearance or look you wish to transmit and decide which wig fits best your needs. Nevertheless, if you need more information on this subject, check the information on the links below:

The kind of hair that a celebrity wears contributes a lot to his or her image. If you would like to see the difference that the kind of hair you wear makes, try shaving your head. Celebrities need to wear good hair that is attractive, as they are followed almost everywhere by paparazzi, and it may be embarrassing if the hair starts falling or brings a whole new and different look than the one people are used to.

Go for Quality and Original Celebrity Hair

Go for Quality and Original Celebrity Hair

Celebrity hair is available in many shopping malls and stores that sell clothes and other accessories. The kind of hair that a celebrity wears should be able to bring out some nice facial features out of the celebrity and not make the lady look like she is having a bad hair day. This is why a celebrity should always have a hair dresser who takes care of all her hair needs. These hair dressers are usually very experienced in their respective fields and know exactly what kind of a celebrity hair style would look great on the celebrity. They take a lot of time to study the head of the celebrity and most of the times draw the different design before trying them out on the celebrity.

Nowadays, there is software that enables you to input your face and just change the hair styles before you finally settle on a specific one. You can always check some of the celebrity hair that is available on online stores and see if they are what you would like to have on your head. When making the choice, you should consider things like the color of the hair you want to buy. Some people like having black hair, but celebrities are sometimes quite weird and like experimenting with different colors. Whichever makes you feel comfortable is the one.

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