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Why Funky Baby Clothes Are Worth It

Posted by rafael on December 21, 2012 in Fashion & Style

Many people will argue to you that spending money on cute and funky baby clothes is not worth it. They have somewhat of a logical and practical point when they make this argument. First of all, babies grow so fast that spending a huge chunk of your money on a designer outfit doesn’t make much sense because your child will only wear it for a few months until they grow out of it.

Another reason given is that babies have no idea what they are wearing and would be just as comfortable in a plain t-shirt or onesie than a more expensive one with a funky print on it. A third point is that babies end up getting spit up or worse on every outfit that they wear no matter how cute and stylish it is. Baby clothes have to go through the wash so frequently that they become worn out almost as quickly as baby grows out of them.

So why spend extra money on funky baby clothes? Why not just buy the plain and simple cheap newborn baby clothes for your baby from the local chain store? Your baby won’t know the difference and you will save money. When you look at it, spending extra on funky baby clothes is not worth it. Of course, there is a flaw to this argument.

Funky Baby Clothes are Worth it!

Although these are good points, if you follow this logic too far then you will never end up ever having anything nice for yourself or your family. Older children get their clothes dirty too, so do they not deserve to look cute and stylish? Even you spill coffee on yourself occasionally, so should you not wear nice things? Why buy nice dishes for your kitchen if they are only going to get food on them? Why even make the bed if you are just going to sleep in it again?The ideal balance is somewhere between being practical and treating yourself and your child to nice things. Think about it, you buy nice clothes for yourself because they are better quality, feel better and look better and they are a lovely treat. Why not do the same for your baby?

Funky Baby Clothes

Funky Baby Clothes

In this sense, funky baby clothes are worth it because they are something beautiful and high quality that you can enjoy. Your baby doesn’t have to always be clad head to toe in the most stylish designer baby wear every day, but it is certainly worth having some cute and funky baby clothes that they can wear when you are going out somewhere or taking baby photographs.

Preserving the Memories

Yes, it is true that your baby won’t be able to tell whether they are wearing a designer shirt or not, but they will still see photos of themselves when they are older. Do you want them to see that they were swaddled in the cheapest and plainest clothing that you could find, or would you like to have some photos of them looking cute and stylish in their funky baby clothes? Babies grow so fast which is why you will want to have many pictures of them so that you can capture those memories. With cute and funky baby clothes your little one will look great in the photographs that you will cherish for many years.

Buying funky baby clothes doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Sure, when you hear about some of the price tags on the designer clothes that celebrities buy for their babies you might be shocked, but there are plenty of great options for funky baby clothes which are quite affordable. You can try shopping online and you will find a number of excellent funky baby clothes for great prices. You can also try shopping at outlet stores or during sales at some of the designer retailers.Every baby should have at least a couple of nice outfits so that they can get dressed up. Buying funky baby clothes is a lovely treat for your little one so that they can look cute and stylish and in that sense, it is totally worth it.

Melissa McCrindle is a freelance writer and mother of two who knows that you can never have too many cute and funky baby clothes. She loves getting her little ones dressed up in cute and edgy styles and taking fun photographs.

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