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Celebrity Costumes Customized After Dead Stars Costumes

Posted by rafael on November 1, 2012 in Beauty

Celebrities’ professional careers can continue beyond their death, at least in the case of big superstars, such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Charles Chaplin, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Marley, among others. Over time, the name of quite successful celebrities have become a kind of commercial brand, that although were created by in the best moment of their professional careers, have kept present even after their dead.

This phenomenon has particularly increased due to the advances of information and communication technologies, that have enabled a wide dissemination and availability of a broad range of products such as movies, videos, photos, clothing, as well as other cultural landmarks celebrities left after their decease. For instance, as several specialized publications report, six years after his death, Michael Jackson continues generating millions of dollars and remains as the top-earning deceased celebrity.

According to these sources, in 2013 Michael Jackson generated US$ 140 million dollars. Furthermore, Elvis Presley, who passed away in 1977, was second and generated US$ 55 millions dollars. The top ten was completed by the American cartoonist Charles Schulz (creator of Snoopy’s character) who generated US$ 40 million dollars; Elizabeth Taylor (US$ 25 million dollars); Bob Marley (US$20 million dollars); Marilyn Monroe (US$ 17 million dollars); John Lennon (US$ 12 million dollars); the famous scientist Albert Einstein (US$ 11 million dollars), the American cartoonist and writer Theodor Geisel (US$ 9 million dollars) and Bruce Lee (US$ 9 million dollars).

As several specialized publications report, celebrities’ heritage is usually acquired by some lucrative firms, that commonly expand their products by offering different items (such as beauty salons, cosmetics brands, clothing lines, among others), by using famous deceased people’s images.

For example, in the case of Marilyn Monroe, the Authentic Brands Group and its partner NECA, have developed different services and options, including an official website and a Facebook page, where the deceased actress keeps a fluid exchange with more than 3.3 millions of fans. Messages are mainly focused on body image, fashion, and other issues characterizing the actress when she was alive.

At the same time, these sites include the interaction with nowadays’ current celebrities, who have expressed in a certain way their adoration for Monroe. Such digital efforts serve to show new generations, not only facts about Marilyn’s life or fashion, but also to promote commercial products linked to Monroe’s image. As some specialists state, in some way the actress is more popular and known today, than when she was alive.

Dead Celebrities’ Customized Costumes

Some specialists affirm that fans form a participatory culture, where people are joined together by a wide range of practices and desires, showing devotion or adoration for celebrities (actors, musicians, personalities, etc.). Since this perspective, fans continuously follow eBay’s, as well as other auctions websites, in order to buy wardrobe items linked to celebrities. Among the most popular products fans are looking for are costumes used by celebrities in different artistic performances, such as a films, musical concerts, special parties or celebrations, etc. For fans these costumes are permanently associated to those celebrities and performances, and the rarer is the garment, the less they stop thinking about the price.

As several sociological studies report, fanaticism increases when it comes to dead celebrities’ original costumes. Thus, if nowadays’ celebrities items are considered by fans as a sort of religious articles, dead celebrities’ costumes are the equivalent to holy relics. As some specialists put it, fame is exponentially multiplied by celebrities’ death.

However, acquiring original garments of deceased celebrities implies two main problems. First, they are few and limited, and second, they are quite expensive. According to several sources, the price of celebrities’ original costumes can reach million of dollars, what is out of reach of most part of fans. For instance, slippers the American actress Judy Garland wore in the famous movie The Wizard of Oz (1939) reached in auction the astronomical price of US$ 3, 8 million dollars, while the hat used by the well known American actor John Wayne in the film The Green Berets (1968) was sold by US$ 179,250.

Therefore, it is not surprising to see how firms benefiting from dead celebrities’ garments are using other strategies in order to increase their revenues. For instance, they are manufacturing costumes matching exactly the original ones, but are selling them at affordable prices for any consumer. Furthermore, these costumes and garments are customized according to clients needs; thus it is possible to find sizes for children, adolescents or adults alike. At the same time, depending on the specific performance, these costumes may become fashionable, what increases even more the amount of people interested on buying them.

Some examples of dead celebrities’ customized costumes or garments are the black cape that Bela Lugosi (a renowned Hungarian – American actor of Hollywood) wore in the famous movie Dracula (1931); the dress worn by Judy Garland when playing the character of Dorothy in the movie Wizard of Oz (1939);  the dress Marilyn Monroe wore when sang Happy Birthday to former US President John F. Kennedy (1962); the black shirt, black pants and red jacket combination Elvis Presley wore in the movie Viva las Vegas (1964); the jackets resembling the military style worn by the ex-beatles John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr in their Sgt. Pepper`s Lonely Hearts Club Band Album (1967); the racing suit Steve McQueen, another noted American actor, wore in his movie Le mans (1971); the complete outfit John Wayne wore in the movie Rooster Cogburn (1975), film that allowed him to receive the Oscar award; the coat the Hong Kong artist Bruce Lee used in his last film Game of Death (1978); or the deep and futuristic red jacket worn by Michael Jackson in the famous video Thriller (1982), among others.

If you are interested on dead celebrities’ customized customes you can check the information available in the links below:

The love for various genres of music and movies leaves every person with a favorite star in music and cinema. Virtually all celebrities wear various costumes during their various performances. These costumes become permanently associated to those particular performances and stars. Many at times the design of these costumes makes up most popular fashion designs that fans to these stars love to wear. Dead celebrity costumes, whether original or their prototypes form an important and coveted sale that most fans seek to acquire at all costs. It is not surprising to find celebrity costumes on sale on eBay and many other online bidding platforms, where they go for millions of dollars. The original celebrity items may be hard to acquire due to the huge prices tagged on them. However, acquiring their prototypes is much easier.

A number of customizing firms have been able to come up with designs that produce exact prototypes of costumes worn by celebrities from as far back as the Beatles era. These are easy to acquire and cheaper than the original costumes that may be a reserve for the well off. The dead celebrity costumes can be customized in to sizes that can fit even young children that may like the celebrity’s wear.

Examples of celebrity wear customized after various celebrities include costumes designed after Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Jimmie Savile, Marilyn Monroe, Sherlock Holmes, and Charlie Chaplin-just to mention but a few. In this category one can find outfits similar to those worn by legends in different industries that may actually be long dead. The costumes are fit for various themed events. This definitely forms one of the cheapest ways to celebrate and remember your dead celebrity at all times. For dead celebrity costumes one can visit online sites and sample catalogues on various items designed in a similar manner to the original celebrity costumes.

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