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How to Paint a Car

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on October 2, 2012 in Automotive

How to paint your car as effective as a professional car painter depends on the procedure you are going to follow. The professionalism starts from the very first step of choosing the proper equipment for painting. It is of paramount importance because many will try to compromise the quality for price in this stage. This is a known mistake which is regretted later. So choose the high quality product after getting professionals advice. How to paint a car is a few step process which begins with preparing the car for painting:

How to Paint a Car

How to Paint a Car

The preparation begins with choosing the dust free place with adequate ventilation for the car to be painted. Next is to collect all the materials needed for painting. It includes paints, brush, sand papers, and waste cloth and so on. This is followed by cleaning the surface of the car and taking away any removable external objects in the car like stickers. The original paint should be removed then using sand paper. Using some minerals and alcohol the car should be well cleaned and allowed to dry for least time. Now the parts which are not to be painted should be covered properly.

How to paint after preparing the car ready for painting is to follow the procedure. Corrosion resistant and self etched primer should be used in all places and especially on scratches if any found in the car. After giving some standing time if needed second coating can be given. Now the surface should be smoothed and wax is applied all over. Next is to spray the finish paint using paint sprayer filled with paint in desired consistency. Now the paint should be allowed to fully dry for specific time. The sand paper is used gently to remove unwanted paint strains if any in the car. Finally rubbing compound is used to polish the car to give a great look.

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