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What Are The Benefits Of Fuel Cards?

Posted by rafael on December 15, 2012 in Cars

In the modern world of business, so many companies are looking for the possible ways of reducing the management costs while increasing their profits. However, things have become quite expensive as far as energy consumption is concerned. A good example is the use of fuel to run various cars owned by a particular company. For such companies, the managers normally have to cope with the high costs of living while still ensuring that they do not lose their business due to the global economic crisis. These cards come in as a great remedy for companies and their fleet. You are about to find out their numerous benefits and their role in creating a secure financial future in most companies.

Controlling your Business

One great benefit of these cards is that they allow the companies of specify the exact filling station for their drivers to purchase fuel thus making it easier to create order in that particular company. Besides, the fuel will be purchased at a particular fixed rate by the drivers. By so doing, it becomes even easier to predict your monthly utility bills.

Fuel Cards-1

Fuel Cards-1

Flexible Payment

These cards normally help the fleet managers in processing the payment for fuel in various intervals based on their agreement with the service provider. The overall bill will be presented to your company on time and you will be given the chance to settle it based on the intervals agreed by the two parties. This makes it easier for you to manage your budget while still expanding your business.

Great Savings

Some cards come with great savings for the fleet companies by providing discounts and extra points. Most drivers with these cards normally find it cheaper to purchase fuel compared to their counterparts who lack the cards. In fact, as a fuel card holder, you can save up to 5 pence for every litre you purchase at the selected filling station.

Fuel Cards-2

Fuel Cards-2

Increased Accountability

Some employees tend to take advantage of free fuel from their companies to travel to extra destinations without the consent of their employers. This leads to great loses since most of the fuel purchased is not used to serve the interests of the company. However, these cards help in tracking the consumption history of a particular vehicle thus making it easier to detect suspicious activities such as undue purchases.

Higher Security

These cards are always secure and reliable compared to other forms of payment for fuel. The level of crime in the modern generation has been increasing every day and you never know when a robber will attack you and get away with all the money meant for fuelling your fleet. In addition, it becomes even worse when you have large vehicles that consume high levels of fuel every week. The introduction of these cards help in ensuring the security of your money since all information provided on the card is vetted and approved by your company and the fuel service provider. It is even possible to include the name of the driver, the registration number of the vehicle and the company name on the card just to make it more secure. When this happens, the chances of getting free fuel using counterfeit cards will be minimised to the lowest possible level, therefore providing a secure financial future for your company and employees.

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