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Top 5 Classic Cars

Posted by rafael on December 13, 2012 in Cars

There are new models of cars engineered day in and day out but many collectors and car lovers have always been amazed by vintage cars. If there was ever any revolution called upon in the car industry then most would advocate a classic car auto restoration campaign. These vehicles are the embodiment of real class. There are five specific vehicles that are worth giving special attention.

A Chevrolet Corvette remains to be the all-time sports car for any sports car lover. Starting with the beautiful Polo white exterior and red interior it is highly conspicuous, fulfilling the purpose of a sports car. It runs on a 265 ci V8 engine which makes its performance up to standards, especially when it comes to speed. This car also has a mileage of over 28000 km. The Corvette is simply the finest sports car ever.

Another car that is also one of a kind is a Bugatti Type 35B. It combines a 2.3 liter engine with a roots compressor from previous versions of the Bugatti Type 35, which gives it the advantage of powerful speeds and performance. The superb bright exterior and interior colors, especially a blue and black, plus it being a low-riding car makes it suitable for a drive around town or road trip on any day comfortably while having a lot of fun.

A dark blue Maserati Ghibli 5000 SS is also a choice car for any businessman. It combines an exquisite shape and a high performance V8 engine which gives this classic car a serious yet calm aura. The interior is also well-colored and the leather seats give the same extra comfort that comes with sitting in an office. It also has long mileage capabilities of more than 11000 km.

Classic Cars

Classic Cars

The best drivers in the world always choose the best car for the job. A winner would select a Dallara Formula 1189 for a final competition. It comes in red with the DFR specifications of 3.5 liters and 595 HP. It is one of the cars guaranteed to be among the top 3 in any car racing competition.

The last car on my list is the Maserati Mexico. Anyone endorsing a classic car auto restoration campaign wouldn’t want this car left out because it is the father of all Mercedes Benz look-alikes. With a magnificent contrast of a black exterior and white interior, comfy leather seats and a powerful 4.7 liter, 290 bhp V8 engine, this car can never be side-lined.

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