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The Fastest Cars In The World Throughout Time

Posted by rafael on December 13, 2012 in Cars

Mankind has a natural affinity for speed. First, we would race on foot to determine the fastest runner. Then we would race on horseback and chariot to see who had the quickest steed. But then came along automobiles, which changed the game entirely. Originally they were nothing special, and it took a few years to be able to beet racing horses, which can reach speeds upwards of and exceeding 40 mph.

The First Production Car

In 1894 Mercedes created the Velocipede, which was the first production car to be produced and sold to the public. At the time, there were 1200 of these vehicles created, and the public generally accepted them pretty well. The Mercedes Velocipede had a top speed of a stunning 12 mph. A human can typically run between 5-15 mph depending on how hard they try. The Velocipede could keep pace with a human running as fast as they can; however it fell dreadfully short to compete with a horse.

Cars Produced Between 1949-1968

In 1949 Jaguar released their XK120, this was a tuned prototype version of their production type. They produced 12,000 of the normal production type. But the prototype version reached a whopping 133 mph which made it the fastest vehicle of it’s time.

In 1955 Mercedes-Benz created the 300SL, this vehicles top speed was recorded and tested on both roadways and tracks. Mercedes produced 1,400 300SL, and their top speed reached was 140 mph. In1961, Aston Martin debuted their DB4 GT Zagato at the London Motor Show and was highlighted in the published magazine “Autocar.” There were only 20 Zagatos produced, and their top speed was 154 mph. In 1963, Iso Rivolta made the Grifo A3/L 327 with over 400 cars being produced. The top speed of the Grifo was a decent 161 mph.

In 1967, the well-known Lamborghini made their way to finally hold the record for the world’s fastest car. The Miura P400 was their flagship model and reached a roaring 171 mph. They produced over 750 cars over the course of 7 years.  In 1968, another well-known sports car company appeared, Ferrari. Their 365 GTB/4 Daytona barely surpassed Lamborghini, reaching a top speed of 174 mph. They produced around 1,400 cars of this model.

Fastest Cars

Fastest Cars

Cars Produced Between 1984-2012

In 1984, Ferrari once again produced the fastest car with their 288 GTO. They produced 272 of these vehicles, and it’s top speed was 188 mph. In 1986, another well-known name made it’s way to the top, Porsche. The 959 had a low production number, with only 337 being produced. But the 959 reach a top speed of 195 mph, barely missing the mark to be the first car to surpass 200 mph.

In 1987, Ferrari once again produced an astounding machine with their F40, the first production vehicle to go faster the 200 mph. There were 1,311 F40s produced, each able to reach a blazing 203 mph.  In 1991, a new carmaker made their way into the sports car limelight. Bugatti created their EB110 GT, which reach 209mph. Only 95 of these vehicles were produced, making them relatively rare.

In 1992, Jaguar figured they hadn’t held the title of fastest car for quite some time. Thus, they produced the XJ220, producing 281 of these vehicles. The XJ220 was capable of reaching 213 mph. In 1993, not allowing Jaguar to hold the title for very long, a new contender made their way to the top. McLaren produced their F1, which had an astounding top speed of 231 mph. Only 65 of these cars were made, but till this day they remain the worlds fastest naturally aspirated production car. In 2005, Bugatti produced their Veyron 16.4 with 300 cars being produced. The Veyron jumped the worlds fastest top speed up to an amazing 254 mph.

In 2010, Bugatti once again surpassed even their own top speed with the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. It holds the Guiness Book World Record and can reach 258 mph. Only 30 of these cars were produced, and for good reason. Its hard to imagine 30 people in the world capable of handling such speeds.  In 2012, Bugatti determined not to be outdone even by themselves, re-fitted the Veyron Super Sport and allowed it to reach an out of this world 267 mph. Very few of these cars have been produced, and rightly so. The asking price for this car is 2,4 million. So don’t expect to be running up next to one anytime soon… and if you do, don’t race it.

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