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The Advantages of Owning A Diesel-Powered Vehicle

Posted by rafael on December 14, 2012 in Cars

Diesel engines are widely used in both cars and trucks in countries around the world. In the United States; however, this type of engine is normally reserved for those who drive larger trucks. Many people prefer diesel engines to normal gas engines largely due to their fuel efficiency.

What Makes for Maximum Efficiency

The main difference between a gas powered engine and a diesel powered engine is the ignition system that each one employs. Gas engines use a spark ignition while diesel engines use a compression ignition. The gas engine infuses a mixture of both air and gasoline into the engine, which cuts down drastically on efficiency because the two elements are compressed at the same time. A diesel powered engine infuses the fuel and air at different stages in the process, allowing for the air to be compressed separately from the diesel fuel. This makes for a more efficient process and better gas mileage.

Diesel Powered Vehicle-1

Diesel Powered Vehicle-1


Diesel engines are known to be more reliable than your average gasoline engine. This is mostly due to the lack of an ignition system. At times, gasoline engines may fail because a spark was never induced by the system. Diesel engines will rarely fail due to the lack of this spark. Diesel also tends to provide more towing power than their gasoline cousins because of a greater amount of torque that the engine produces. This is a primary reason why most large trucks use diesel engines.


Diesel parts are normally much stronger than their gas powered cousins. They also have excellent lubricating systems, which allows them to last up to twice as long as normal gas powered engines. While gas-powered engines tend to burn much hotter than their diesel counterparts. This is the primary reason behind the longer lifespan of diesel engines.

Less Maintenance

In recent years, diesel engines have become much more efficient to fix when they break down, which isn’t as nearly as often as gas-powered cars. The engine offers a more accessible build for mechanics that need to perform maintenance on it.

Utilizing Synthetic Fuels

Diesel engines can easily accept all types of synthetic fuels with little to no alteration whatsoever. Gas-powered engines need to undergo a significant amount of adjustment before they can consume synthetic fuels.

Diesel Powered Vehicle-2

Diesel Powered Vehicle-2

Cheaper and Safer Fuel

Fuel cost for diesel engines is normally forty percent lower per kilowatt than gas-powered engines are; leaving you with more money in your pocket at the pump. Diesel fuel also does not emit fumes into the air; therefore is much harder to ignite than regular gasoline.

Lower Taxes

Everyone loves lower taxes, and driving a diesel-powered vehicle will help you every step of the way. The Federal Government bases road taxes that they charge consumers on the amount of carbon monoxide produced by the engine. Since diesel-powered engines offer a cleaner and safer type of fuel that releases less carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, owners of diesel-powered vehicles pay considerably less in taxes.

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