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My Car Is a Lemon, What Can I Do?

Posted by rafael on December 13, 2012 in Cars

Purchasing a new vehicle is a major investment, but what happens when you buy that new vehicle and find out that there is a major defect that continuously is not being fixed? That is when you should speak with a lemon law attorney because only with the assistance of a legal advocate can this wrong be rectified. No one wants to pay all this money on a vehicle that does not work the way it is supposed to—this includes vehicles that have many problems right away and those with a problem that cannot be repaired. Knowing your rights when you are driving a lemon is extremely important to ensure full retribution is made.

The Dealer Says I am Wrong, How Can I Prove That I’m Not?

A lemon lawsuit would be action taken against the auto manufacturer not the dealer themselves. It can seem as though the dealer is trying to undermine you or trick you into purchasing a new vehicle, and that very well may be the case. Sometimes, if you go to the dealer demanding that you receive a new vehicle to replace your lemon, the dealer will try to get you into a trade-in situation, leaving you to find out that you got less than what the car was worth, and that you have been tricked.



When you file a lemon claim, your attorneys will secure impartial ASE-certified mechanics that can investigate the cause of your vehicles problem. Since they are not connected to the dealer or the manufacturer,, the opinion they render will be completely unbiased and allow real settlement conversations to occur. It may seem as though it is your word against the defendant, but that is not the case—the evidence is there, and it will be properly documented and presented in the claim, even if the dealer failed to document it.

I Cannot Afford an Attorney

One of the biggest deterrents to those who need legal help is that they believe they cannot afford an attorney. The truth is that when it comes to lemon law, you should never hire an attorney that demands a fee upfront. It is the manufacturer who is putting you through this, and they should be the ones who pay your legal costs, and they will if your claim is successful.

Dealing with a lemon can be extremely frustrating, but much of that struggle is eliminated once you hire a lemon law attorney to assist you with getting the settlement you deserve.

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