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Have You Selected Your 2013 Limousine Service and Are You Prepared for the Good Times Ahead

Posted by rafael on December 4, 2012 in Cars

With 2013 literally right around the corner have you considered what that means for events and festivities in NYC? If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to locate and immediately book with a limousine company of your choosing. After all, these gatherings don’t enter themselves.  Still not sure what galas you’ll be attending? You’ll want to get on that as quickly as possible as you are not the only one looking for reliable and sleek transportation to and from these social events.  Read below and start putting together your dates and amenities needed for your filling social calendar.

February 2 – As the new pop group Fun takes the red carpet and the stage, you can be part of the excitement and the ambiance exuded by the adoring paparazzi and the screaming fans. This new group has quickly climbed up the national music billboard charts and continues to do so with hits like “We Are Young”. Check them out at Radio City Musical Hall on February 2, 2013. Book your special event limousine so you can be uncorking a glass of bubbly on the way to and from your evening out.  This is a one-time only event so miss your chance to tell your friends and family what you go to do and what kind of limousine you did it in. Who knows, perhaps your evening won’t end with the closing of the show!

January 13 – On Sunday, January 13, 2013 come find yourself enthralled by this relaxed showing of Rock. While it’s not a mainstream Broadway type of event listings, you can find yourself booking your tickets at the Highline Ballroom to see David Joansen perform live. Mr. Joansen has performed at several local venues and will continue to play his mixture of Rock and Country Blue’s songs as long as there is an audience. Bring notice not only to yourself but also to this artist by showing up in a limousine. People tend to focus on who’s who and where are they going, adding a limousine will ensure that he gets the free advertisement to keep going.

Limousine Service

Limousine Service

For a few little off-the-wall reasons to rent a limo considering the ever popular farmers markets like the Greenmarket events, hosted in downtown NYC.  The Brooklyn Museum shows various displays that go on throughout the year right in downtown NYC. Don’t forget the Alvin Ailey American Dancer Theater that debuted in 2012 and will continue to hold its place in the hearts and minds of those who partook in the event and will do so again. Limousines aren’t typically the main mode of transportation for these events, however, consider what was said above about being part of the ambiance and bringing attention to these types of overlooked festivities. You could be the reason that a historical landmark gets kept, the reason a farmers market gets the exposure it needs to stay running or the reason that a museum keeps its funding for various exhibits.

These are only a few of the noted events that will be taking place in NYC, for your best chances at getting the limousines you want at the prices you need, now is the time to take note of when, where and what you want.

We would like to give a special thanks to Royaluxury.com for providing today’s article. Royal Luxury Limousine is a limousine company located in New York City.

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