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All About Your a BMW

Posted by rafael on December 10, 2012 in Cars

Tuning a Car was Once Simple

There was a time when tuning a car was simple. You changed the oil, cleaned the filter, replaced the spark plugs, set the point gaps and maybe did something to the distributor cap and condenser. Today, the tuning section of a popular BMW website lists no fewer than 24 different BMW tuning parts. One of these is the roll cage. Fortunately, most family Beamers don’t require these, so the task may not be as daunting as it first seems. Performing an engine tune-up on a BMW depends on what sort of engine you are working with and what you intend to accomplish with the procedure. A carburetor engine requires a different approach from a fuel injection engine or a turbo. For most of us, tuning a car means just keeping it running at peak efficiency to get the best mileage. Others get off on the challenge of improving the car’s performance above and beyond what it was in it rolled out of the factory.

The Basics

The basics are the same as they always were. Change the oil, filter and spark plugs. Replace any leads that have worn out. Check for worn or broken valves or piston rings. Check the valve clearance and have the compression tested. Compression testing involves removing all the spark plugs and disconnecting the fuel pump relay and the DME main relay. Plug in the compression gauge and rev the car (4 rpm). If the first reading is low, this may indicate a problem with the rings or cylinder walls.



The Car’s Performance

The performance of your car can be enhanced by using BMW tuning software. The cheapest tuning software will reprogram the ignition timing parameters and the fuel mixture to wring out more power. Upgrades can improve performance by as much as 50 horsepower. Other packages can yield gains in torque by retarding the cam shaft timing of the exhaust without sacrificing horsepower. Engine software for fuel injection will optimize air/fuel ratios and ignition timing and increase the rev limit by 300 (stock is 3,000). The ‘Cadillac’ of BMW tuning software, and the most expensive, tweaks the carbon fiber cold air intake. The factory intake can’t keep up with the performance boosts availed by other performance software. The cold air intake tweak feeds the turbocharged engine with cooled, oxygen-rich air. This can reduce the factory intake by as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tasks Performed

Those are just a few of the many tweaks that can be performed with BMW tuning parts. Other tasks include checking the valve springs, especially if you have been boosting the power. Extra performance makes the valve springs work harder, so the correct choice is crucial. Surprisingly, alloy wheels have an impact on a car’s performance. Lighter wheels, for example, reduce wear and tear on the suspension and brakes and improve handling. Alloy wheels have gaps that cool the brakes so that they do a better job at slowing the car. Altering the rotational diameter will have an effect on the speedometer, so this will need to be recalibrated if you do anything fancy.

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