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8 Exterior Car Accessories That Will Improve The Look Of Your Car

Posted by rafael on December 3, 2012 in Cars

You go everywhere with your car. To the grocery store, to work, and to the beach when you want to relax in the sun. If you are the type that likes attention, chances are you want people to notice your car. Not very many factory vehicles are noticed unless they cost well over $80,000. If you do not have this kind of money to spend but you still want your car to get the attention it deserves, you can customize your vehicle with the right accessories and make it completely unique. Here are 10 of the most popular exterior accessories you can use to transform your car for a head-turning look:

Rear Spoilers

You do not have to have a racing vehicle just to benefit from investing in a rear spoiler. Spoilers are more than just aerodynamic, they are stylish and have attitude. Simply compare the difference between lip spoilers, factory-style spoilers, wings, and custom spoilers and choose a style that suits your vehicle best.

Billet Grilles

Do you want your car to reflect your personality? If you answered yes, a billet grille is one accessory that you should budget for. It is hard to ignore a vehicle when it is passing by when it has a customized grille. Not only will these accessories stand out, they will make your vehicle look like a luxury vehicle no matter what year, make, or model.

Chrome Accessories

Make your car shine with a custom chrome trim. Highlight your wheels, your door handles, your hood, your fender, or even your mirror covers and make your vehicle look completely different. If you want your vehicle to look classy and unique, choose the perfect combination of chrome accessories and compliment the stock design of your vehicle for less.

Body Kits

If you are ready to completely transform the original design of your vehicle, the best way to add a new dimension is to invest in custom body kits. With the right body kit, you will get more than just attention, you will also leave a lasting impression on the people you come into contact with. Get the luxury image you have been waiting for without spending champagne money and have a say in the design of your vehicle.

Car Accessories

Car Accessories

LED Tail Lights

One of the most affordable ways to transform your auto on a budget is to buy aftermarket tail lights. If your stock tail lights just do not have the personality you are looking for, LED and Euro accessories will give your vehicle a distinctive glow. Make a very functional component of your vehicle a design element as well and find dazzling lights that serve multiple purposes.

Exhaust Systems

If you want your vehicle to growl like it is the “king of the jungle”, an exhaust system is right up your alley. Not only do chrome exhaust pipes look nice, they also turn your vehicle into a beast that will intimidate others on the road. If you want your car to have a throaty growl or you are trying to get more horsepower, choose a top quality exhaust system and give your machine an edge on the road.

Custom Wheels

You could not go through a list of exterior car accessories without stumbling across custom wheels. Rims are perhaps the most popular exterior car accessories purchased today. From the stand 13-inch chrome wheels to 22-inch Giovanna wheels, there are so many different wheels to choose from. Choose multi-colored rims, chrome-lipped rims, or blackout rims and they will change the look and feel of your vehicle.


Your headlights keep your path lit when the sun goes down. If you are looking for functional lights that are not boring like the stock lights on your vehicle, there are a variety of different aftermarket styles you can choose from. When you are driving head on, people will not even know what model vehicle you are driving.

Choosing the right combination of exterior accessories for your vehicle will turn your stock vehicle into a show stopper. If you are ready to do something new, decide which accessories you can afford and then price the cost of installation. After you are done with your vehicle you will take pride in the project you have completed.

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