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5 Fuels that Keep the Road Rage Burning

Posted by rafael on December 15, 2012 in Cars

Road rage occurs when drivers get so frustrated with the actions of other vehicles that they act out with anger and aggression. Drivers who exhibit road rage often express themselves with profanity, colorful hand gestures or constant horn honking. Sometimes they feel that other vehicles are needlessly putting them and their passengers in danger. Other times the anger simply comes from annoyance and frustration at a situation. No matter where road rage comes from, getting angry behind the wheel of a car can be hazardous to everyone on the road. We’ve decided to list the top five habits that cause drivers to go over the edge and let the rage consume them.


Tailgating occurs when one vehicle gets too close to the rear bumper of the vehicle they are following. Lack of distance between two traveling vehicles, especially at high speeds, can cause collisions and serious injuries. For good reason, drivers get upset when they discover someone behind them is following too closely. Even the slightest slow down in traffic can cause the rear vehicle to collide with the front one, causing neck injuries and multiple-car pile ups. Drivers are often unable to do anything in this situation other than get angry.

Road Rage Burning

Road Rage Burning

Getting Cut-Off

Few incidents on the road are more aggravating than being cut-off by a reckless driver. Cut-offs can cause serious accidents if the vehicle being cut is not driving defensively. Not only that, but a driver who cuts-off another driver displays a complete disregard for standards of politeness, safety or courtesy on the road. This type of violation can be infuriating when you’re the victim.The incident can feel like a personal violation of privacy and respect.

Slow Drivers

Most people on the road are driving with purpose in mind. Old ladies driving in the fast lane, people slow to start at a green light, and slow pokes on one lane roads are enough to infuriate even patient drivers. It’s not uncommon to find drivers screaming at the vehicles ahead of them to “move it” or “get out of the way.” They do this even if the drivers ahead of them can’t hear a word they’re saying. The lack of respect for other people’s time is what angers most drivers most.

Road Rage Burning-2

Road Rage Burning-2

Heavy Traffic

One of the reasons that traffic causes so much anger is because there is almost nothing drivers can do about it. Heavy traffic takes up valuable time that can be used for more fruitful activities: spending time with family, enjoying a nice meal or reading a book. This loss of time understandably upsets a lot of people caught in the congestion. Most traffic is caused by too many cars being on the roads, but few people realize their own contribution to the traffic when they get angry. When people yell at traffic, they are yelling at themselves as much as everyone else.

Stop Sign Etiquette

Anyone who has stared down another driver at a four-way stop knows how frustrating stop-sign intersections can be. In the everlasting fight to be more courteous than the other driver, many people enter a prolonged and frustrating stalemate at stop signs that never seems to end. As one car starts to inch forward, so does the other, and the stalemate continues. It’s no mystery that drivers who display road rage tendencies often blow through stop signs altogether.

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