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Pictures Of Land Animals A Quick Way To Teach Your Kids

Posted by rafael on May 8, 2012 in Animals

Teaching kids about the wonders of the world can be quite exhausting especially if you have to explain the different shapes and colors of all the animals and plants in this exquisite planet in which we live in. The world is full of wonders and even if you are a master with words and can depict a beautiful scenery only with words it is still very difficult for children to know the differences that the animals have, as normally their vocabulary is not so vast and they will not understand much of the nuances and small, little differences of the innumerous animals to roam the Earth.

There are literally millions of different animals in this world, from many different species and they all have their particularities and peculiarities about how they live, act and behave. We cannot put everything into words and the help of pictures is surely needed. For that you can put the children in front of the TV with a documentary on the Animal Planet or Discovery Channel, but let’s be honest with each other, children do not enjoy documentaries.

Especially young children in their first infancy, they are easily bored and the ways the documentaries are made do not talk directly to children. They have a small attention span which normally lasts for less than ten minutes, when they are stimulated, which is not the case with documentaries.

So if you are one of the millions parents that wish your children were more into knowing about nature and its wonders, you can have other, different types of visual aid to help you through this difficult but honorable task. The animals in this world are so diverse that not even if you write an entire book on the subject you will get the least of it. The differences are so stark and important that it needs a book of its own. In order to explain all of these differences to children you will need to get some aid, and perhaps the best aid ever is visual aid. More specifically pictures.

Getting Visual aid you Help you Through the Difficult Task of Explain Differences and Similarities.

The powerful aspect of the visual aid for explaining anything in this world is quite well known, from the times of the first humans to ever roam this world. Actually many of the first pictures of the world is of animals and especially land animals that were somehow sacred for the early humans, and these animals were depict, albeit in a stylistic form, in the walls of many ancient societies throughout the entire world.

From the cavemen in Europe to the aborigines of Australia and Africa, many societies have been working with the powerful aid of visual pictures that helps them to tell histories and share their knowledge with their community. This practice is well known and nowadays we can surely use it to help our children understand more about nature, and about themselves.

In order to get the attention (short attention, may I add) from the children you need to get them involved into what they are learning, and with pictures this is quite easy. You can make different games with the names and pictures of the many land animals that exists in your area at first so the children can relate more easily and do not get so confused with different sounding names and weird species. You can also get different sets of pictures to explain the differences of the animals and have they sorted it so if they can actually learn how to spot the differences themselves.

This can also be done in virtual ways, as most kids nowadays have easy access to digital images and are quite comfortable in handling mobile devices that can be really helpful for them to know the differences and similarities of many distinguished land animals. Also, if you have the time and energy, you can get the children outside to actually see and take pictures of the animals in their areas.

Or if this is not possible because you live in a city, as is the case with most of the population in the world, you can go to zoos that are less adventurous, but quite as amusing.  In short, get outside and make your children see the wonders of the world instead of staying inside and just learning, not experiencing the world.

With the Help of the Internet you can Learn far and Wide.

Although nothing beats the wonders of seeing the land animals with your own eyes and in their natural habitat, you can get the help of the internet and its magnificent ways of getting the whole wide world in front of you with just one click. The natural world is just a Google search away and you can show everything to your children with less stress and more free time than it would be if you choose to go outside. Nowadays you can get several sets of pictures off of the internet and show your kids, these images can be of high definition and they will see every detail of the animals without needing to get out in the dangerous world

You can make several different play games in order to fixate the differences of the several animals in this world, this will be great for the kids and the for the adults as well because a playful time you surely help alleviate the stress of the daily routine. Playing time can be done inside and you do not need to worry about children wondering off into unknown places and talking to strangers.

If you wish to teach your kids more about the wonders of the natural world and specially the differences about all the land animals there are out in this world, the internet can be a good and easy way to do it. You would be surprised to see how many different things you can learn while teaching your kids, and how it can be fun as well.


Do you find trouble teaching your kids about the land animals? Today, most of the parents are confused with how to help them understand the different types of animals. Different category of animals includes amphibians, mammals, reptiles etc and each has different characteristics. So obviously it is difficult for the kids to remember and identify from a huge collection of animals. When you ask about a particular animal, they cannot answer you at once. The pictures of land animals provide an easy way for them to figure out the structure of the animal you asked and help them remember easily.

Pictures Of Land Animals A Quick Way To Teach Your Kids

Pictures Of Land Animals A Quick Way To Teach Your Kids

The pictures offer the best way to study the characteristics and internal features of the animals. They can quickly say that the one you asked was about lion as the picture showed the long hairs and yellow color of the animal, or it may be an elephant which the large black body and the white trunk that helped them answer. This way, your kids can ease their studies and score good marks in the subjects. Pictures of land animals also help the kids to determine those animals in the real environment.

Not only kids, the individuals who conduct studies and researches explore the internal and external features through the pictures of land animals. The bone structures, anatomy of cells and whatever that concerns the body of land animals can be understood easily from the pictures.

The books referred by the kids already contain pictures to ease learning. You can also help them with local story books and other magazines. The advantage of story books is, your kids not only can study through the pictures but also have fun with the stories. Another way to access these images is through online. A collection of pictures of land animals will be displayed when you just type in the name in Google search box. You can also view the picture through other websites. Learning online is always beneficial because you can access any information regarding the subject along with the pictures.

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