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Skinny Men

Fashion For Skinny Men

September 2, 2011

1 – First, forget the legend of baggy clothes that disguise the thinness. In fact, they only make you look like a little boy dressed in the clothes of his father. The cool thing is to enjoy the democratization of fashion and use pieces that favor you. 2 – When choosing the suit, pay [...]

Twitter Trivia Bird

Trivia Twitter

September 2, 2011

Twitter is the newest social network that is being a big success among Internet users around the world. It is possible to write sentences up to 140 characters about whatever you want, however most of the users are used to post media related comments. User’s updates are displayed on the profile in [...]

Dior Makeup Collection

Dior Makeup

September 2, 2011

Glad to be a woman and have to reach so many wonders, there are makeup for everyone, but certainly one that should be analyzed and studied, are the possibilities of owning a few pieces, this is the Dior, Dior appreciate all women, their cost really is a little different, but their products are [...]

MacBook Air on Table

New MacBook Air with Sandy Bridge

September 2, 2011

Were launched recently by Apple the MacBook Air laptops with processors Sandy Bridge, which has given much to say, that is, at the same time that are great they are terrible, as it has horrible graphics performance for. However, experts report that this is not so bad and even affects little or [...]

Create a Business Plan

How to Make a Business Plan

September 2, 2011

When it comes to opening a business, we have much to think about in which area of ​​work, documentation, disclosure forms, and something that may be more important than one might imagine, a business plan. Its importance is great, we plan the steps to be taken to have a successful business. With [...]

Tiger Woods

Amateur Golf Players Profile

September 2, 2011

Much of the myths you hear about sports tend to be just rumors or stereotypes that do not fit in fact the reality of all sports. However, in golf, the myth has some truth and makes sense when analyzed. The cost of this European sport is high – not just for those who play, but […]

The Theater and The Immortality

The Theater And The Immortality of The Act of Represent

September 2, 2011

Despite all the technological advances that mankind has experienced in recent decades and are reflected in all sectors, especially in communications, in which the concept of multimedia take shape into something more concrete and real each day, what is perennial remains, despite all these great [...]


How to Study the Human Mind

September 2, 2011

Reading about the content of the human mind based on the findings of the scientific community, you will understand how it works. You’ll find that a large part of your brain belongs to the wild side of your conscience, called anti-conscience. This vision will help you understand why you act in [...]


School Activities

September 2, 2011

For the teaching to become more pleasant teachers have bet in more cool and innovative school activities. Doing something different than normal, students tend to pay more attention to the content to be learned. Many teachers still insist on conservative ideas of ​​delivering papers with writing [...]

Realism Naturalism


September 2, 2011

Symbolism is a literary tendency of poetry and other arts that arose in the late nineteenth century in France, and was opposed to Realism, Naturalism and also to the positivism of the time. The last two decades of the nineteenth century observed at all levels of knowledge, a strong reaction against [...]

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